Lilian L.
Dr Kaplan was very kind and listened to every concern.

Elmira A.
Great experience

Tricia S.
This was my first visit and they exceeded my expectations thus far. I am hoping that my future visits in the upcoming weeks/months will be the same.

Cecilia S.
Good discussion about my concerns. I did not feel rushed. I felt heard and seen.

Devi V.
The Doctor is very nice. Dr. Kaplan spend more time on reading my past history and reports. Dive deep into the reports and start the medication and treatment. Have visited many OBGYN and I am very comfortable with Dr. Kaplan and the treatment. A good progress I am seeing.

Ashley R.
She was very caring!

Elizabeth L.
Phenomenal doctor. Truly listens to her patients

Tiffany J.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Kaplan for a couple of years now and she’s always gone beyond the general health issues that I see her for. Putting forth an additional effort to help with my weight loss or any other matters that may concern me, I can’t express enough of how appreciative I am that she’s my doctor. I’d recommend her to any woman seeking care and attendance. for her healthcare needs.

Michelle L.
Dr. Kaplan is one of few doctors I have known who takes the time to get to know you and your medical history. I didn’t feel rushed and I felt like I had all the time I needed to ask questions and make sure I had a full understanding of our plan moving forward. I will admit I was deterred by the long wait times for an appointment with her but it was well worth it. In addition, she had a cancellation and was able to move my appointment up much sooner than expected! I’m very glad to have found Dr. Kaplan, she is unlike most doctors I have seen.

Tarhea J.
Great experience! Dr Kaplan made it aware that she care for her patients and made me comfortable while sharing my concerns and let me not forget about NP Courtney! She put me at ease during my visit.

Hanna H.
Infertility brings so much emotional and mental stress on a woman. I came to Dr. Kaplan’s office with struggles of getting pregnant for 8 years now. Dr. Kaplan was very patient, kind and just listened. Then she went to work…. She left no rock unturned and I feel like I finally have some answers! Im so excited to be working with her on my infertility journey and would absolutely recommend her to anyone!!

Traci B.
The doctor and all staff were friendly and knowledgeable. They were patient and thorough in their response to my concerns.

Jessica G.
Dr. Kaplan is thorough in her investigation of root causes, regardless of the complexity of a case. She addressed every one of my concerns, ensuring that I walked away with sufficient understanding of my current condition. We discussed treatment methods, prepared a plan of action, and took first steps toward improving symptoms. I would recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone needing a highly specialized doctor for clinical examination and continuation of care.

Tina T.
Dr. Kaplan was great! Thanks so much!

Melissa G.
Excellent staff! Super friendly and knowledgeable!

Crystal T.
I felt heard and comfortable on my first visit. I left with a plan and feeling hopeful about my health. Thank you Dr. Kaplan for listening!

Christine S.
Your team is the first team that I felt truly took the time to listen and understand my health concerns. From the moment I entered the practice the team was very gracious and considerate. This was the first time someone actually walked me through my ultrasound, the concerning area, as well as recommended treatment.

Toni J.
Dr Kaplan is so kind and so attentive. She spent a great deal of time with me and I felt heard.

Shannon L.
Dr. Kaplan was great she explained everything in detail and took her time doing so. She was amazing and I felt confident when I left

Melissa M.
I’ve been to so many doctors.. Dr. Kaplan was extremely informative and caring! I’ve finally found my doctor!

Jamika D.
This was one of the best experiences I’ve had at a doctor’s office. I felt heard and not dismissed. Dr Kaplan listened and the staff explained everything to me. Definitely recommending to family and friends.

Kasi J.
Dr. Kaplan was kind and compassionate. She took all the time needed to do a thorough evaluation. I feel confident that she will see me through whatever lies ahead.

Kunal B.
Very thorough consultation. Took time to listen to all concerns and presented with clear therapeutic options.

Otema A.
Dr. Kaplan was very attentive and insightful. Engaging. She explain every aspect of the visit. Look forward to this journey with her!

Marianna H.
Amazing from start to finish. I was able to relate to everything that Dr. Kaplan discussed. I felt very informed and educated during my entire visit, the entire staff was extremely warm and inviting.

Persephonie R.
Dr. Kaplan is patient, kind, and empathetic. She was amazingly attentive during my visit and detailing my lengthy, complex medical history. She treated me with the utmost kindness, professionalism, and I have total faith in her ability to help me.

Savannah H.
Best doctor I’ve ever been so she actually listened to my concerns and was so professional! I’ve never had a doctor actually perform the ultra sound and talk about what she sees!! The staff was also amazing and super nice.! I highly recommend this place.

Einav M.
Dr Kaplan was very gentle and professional.

Kirkland K.
Dr. Kaplan listed each fertility testing option clearly and included their cost out of pocket.

Davida W.
Dr. Kaplan was very helpful and offered excellent advice for my fertility journey. Her team is very caring and supportive.

Annetta L.
Front desk assistants were very pleasant. That hard to come by these days. Dr. Kaplan was great. She spent a lot of time with me answering questions and talking with me about my situation.

Rebecca A.
I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago when I was a teenager and knew someday I would need help managing it and help getting pregnant. Dr. Kaplan, Lutissa, Marie, Ariel, and everyone in this practice is amazing and really cares about you. Thanks to them I was able to understand and manage my PCOS. I started ovulation induction and with only two rounds we were pregnant… little did we know we were blessed with twin girls! We got our miracle thanks to Reproductive Endocrinology and I would recommend them to everyone who, like me, struggles with PCOS and other fertility issues. THANKS again for helping us make our dream a reality x2!

Ruth G.
They care for their pt’s

Endrina P.
Dr. Kaplan is the best. I didn’t want to leave her, great bedside manners and very thorough and attentive. I love the staff, they really care about you and they show it.

Chelsey K.
Wonderful experience. I wish I knew about Dr Kaplan and her team years ago.

Opal W.
I had a difficult time finding the office and the front office coordinator was very welcoming and she stayed on the phone until I arrive. The medical assistant was friendly and pleasant. Dr. Kaplan was very patient and detailed. I had a wonderful visit.

Jennifer T.
Exceptional staff! Doctor Kaplan took her time with me and set a plan for me to follow in managing my Pcos. Also offered me a nutritionist that would be covered on my insurance.My husband and I have always dreamed of having our first child, Dr.Kaplan was Adamant happen. Check up was Very thorough. Although the parking was 30 dollars.Also was told my prescription wouldn’t be turned in till the end of the day but all in all great experience. I think she may be my New OBG specialist. Thank you!!

Abigail G.
One of the best experiences I have ever had with a physician. I felt seen, and I felt heard, not only Dr Kaplan, but by everyone I encountered in the office.

Zeynep T.
Dr. Kaplan was very attentive and answered all my questions.

Priscilla D.
Dr. Kaplan is the best. She listens & is helpful. She is very knowledgeable about everything going on with you & can provide answers & advice.

Samantha W.
I’ve been going to Dr. Kaplan for years, and she’s always great! Very knowledgeable and there’s nobody I would trust more with my care.

Anna P.
Very detailed in explanations & descriptions.

Isabel O.
Dr. Kaplan and the entire REI team were wonderful. I have been working for over a year to get pregnant, and with their expertise and support it finally happened. I love their front office staff. Always quick to help and answer my questions. The lab folks are helpful and always work fast. And the nurses are all great! Ashley has been super supportive and knowledgeable. I’m so grateful to this entire team.

Davida W.
Staff was friendly and very helpful!

Tivola A.
Pleasant, informative and assuring.

Loleka H.
My experience is was nothing but the best Dr.Kaplan explained everything to me as well as gave me helpful tips.

Ngozi I.
Diligent, gentle, and kind!

Shanique E.
Omg everyone in this office was so nice from the front desk to the nurse,doctor,and lab tech. Very satisfied with my visit. The physician and also the nurse took their time explaining things and answered my questions. Even the front desk when I had questions about an insurance problem did a great job expel things and never seemed frustrated like some offices I’ve been to in the past. I’m glad I found a physician who listens and takes her time. This office deserves a round of applause and more.

Christina L.
I am in the beginning stages of this journey and I’m happy that I chose this practice. Dr. Kaplan is kind and down to earth. Her team are also very caring and sensitive to this process.

Rikke B.
Always great visit. Dr Kaplan is very polite and very helpful

Erin D.
Dr. Kaplan and the office staff have always made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

Sarah M.
This is a wonderful practice. Dr. Kaplan and the entire team do a great job and are very understanding.

Ahrieal A.
Well. I was busy with law school and I didn’t have time to go to the doctor to see about why I wasn’t having periods for almost six months. I finally had time during spring break. The NP and Dr. Kaplan we’re both efficient, they diagnosed me with PCOS and I had a period the following month and I believe once I took the pill I was given to either release my eggs or shed the lining of my uterus I bled immediately. Kaplan throughly explained what was going with me reproductive system by showing imagery via ultra sound and photos of abnormal and normal cycles. I appreciate them a lot. From Front Desk to the back staff my time was taken seriously and I felt as if I was taken care of. Thanks.

Haley W.
I always have a great experience at the office. Everyone is so kind and helpful. Dr. Kaplan is amazing- 10/10 recommend

Christeene A.
Dr. Kaplan and her entire staff are a delight. I found Dr. Kaplan to be attentive to my concerns, excellent at helping me to understand my conditions and recommended treatments, and while her office seems primarily oriented to those seeking fertility treatment – I felt as prioritized and as important as someone with other concerns. I want to especially also mention the NP, Lutissa Parker as equally exceptional in her care and expertise. I highly recommend this practice.

Sophia S.
Very informative very nice and pleasant staff and doctor.

Albina G.
Dr Carolyn Kaplan is a wonderful doctor. She is always so thorough and diligent. Very pleased with her practice!

Alexandria W.
Dr.Kaplan is very attentive and informative ! She really cares about her patients and it shows.

Madison H.
Dr. Kaplan was very kind and informed me of everything she was doing before she did it.

Hayley W.
Today was my first visit and I am blown away at how nice the staff members are, everyone is amazing. Dr. K is so knowledgeable and kind. I am so so happy I found this place

Susmita S.

Alexandria W.
Very personable and kind .

Angelina G.
She explained things very well.

Summerian G.
Provide a lot of insigh

Rose H.
Dr. Kaplan was excellent. Very good listener and very knowledgeable. Her staff and nurses were great and had the good interpersonal skills to put everyone at ease.

Mehwish A.
Dr. Kaplan and all staff members were very kind and understanding. They took care of me really good.Overall , it was wonderful experience.

Amber J.
Love the entire staff

Jamila V.
She was able to give me answers to my concerns on the first visit. Office was nice and clean. She took time to listen. Office staff were friendly.

Tasia S.

Mary R.
Doctor Kaplan was very knowledgeable and patient. She did not rush me through my appointment and she explained every option to the fullest degree. I left with a good feeling of accomplishment.

Hadja T.
She is a best provider

Marshaleck R.
Warm and transparent

Lakecia J.
My first visit with Dr.Kaplan was an atmosphere like going home to see my mother.Her kindness was genuinue, your opinions matters to her. She takes every precaution to provide you the best healthcare possible.Staff is 10/10.

Cherese M.
Dr. Kaplan is amazing. She gives me faith in doctors and in medicine again. She genuinely cares for her patients and works with you to ensure your are healthy and taken care of by the entire staff.

Brittany F.
Dr. Kaplan takes the time during our visits to answer all my questions and, more importantly, she treats my husband and me with respect. Before finding her, we had had a disastrous infertility conversation with my previous gynecologist. This practice, from staff to Dr. Kaplan herself, feels like they actually care.

Divya B.
She was nice.. took time and explained everything well..

Priscilla D.
I do not like going to the Doctor & this was my first visit. I really liked Dr. Kaplan, she listened to my concerns & made notes & thankfully drew my blood for the bloodwork right there & they got the needed vials ring the first stick. That doesn’t usually happen & so many doctors makes you go to a separate lab across town to sit for your turn. This is all so calm & nice & quick & it didn’t even hurt. She sent my prescriptions to the pharmacy to be filled. I really liked her & would recommend her to anyone. I like doctors that listens to the patients. I already have a follow up appointment too.

Desteni H.
Always leave visits with Dr. Kaplan feeling much more at ease. She’s very professional, knowledgeable, caring, and helpful. As are all of the wonderful women in the office, Ariel, Marie, and Lutissa.

Sangeetha L.
We were trying for a baby for past one and half years. My numbers were good too. But I had an irregular menstrual cycle For that she suggested me to take ovasitol powder in May 2019. Then my periods become normal. And I conceived in October. Now I am 9 months pregnant and counting days for delivery..

Tranell W.
Very professional and caring staff

Nora P.

Keziah E.
I am very impressed with Dr Kaplan and all of her staff. Everyone here is so nice and accommodating. They happily listen to all of your questions and concerns and take their time answering them. Ariel answers the phone so nicely and is always helpful! They truly care about you and your health. They also have a wonderful health portal that allows you to view all of your test results and appointment notes whenever you want. You can also pay your bills through this portal and they make it so easy to use! I understand why they have so many five-star reviews. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants good, quality care!

Keturah R.
Dr. Kaplan was thorough, patient, and kind. She made me feel like a real person and I very much so appreciated it during this very difficult time in my life. I feel safe and secure in starting my journey with Dr. Kaplan and her staff.

Tobi L.
Dr. Kaplan is the very best! She knows her stuff and she listens to her patients. She has the best personality!!

Karrie C.
Dr. Kaplan was the only doctor who took my pain and endometriosis symptoms seriously. She helped me get my life back by treating my endometriosis instead of ignoring it. I know without a doubt if it were not for Dr. Kaplan I would not have been able to get pregnant with my daughter. She is an amazing doctor who is caring and compassionate, I would 100% recommend her to anyone.

Kelly B.
BEST WOMENS HEALTH DOCTOR in the Atlanta area!! Twelve years ago she accurately diagnosed and treated my condition to preserve my reproductive health. I successfully had two easy pregnancies eight years later without assistance getting pregnant because Dr Kaplan actively listened to all of my concerns and helped me make great decisions. I was so fortunate to reconnect with her after so many years. I began to experience symptoms that were not life threatening, but negatively affecting my quality of life. Once again, Dr Kaplan listened and efficiently fixed my issues. She is knowledgeable, caring and goes the extra mile to be sure your health and quality of life are at their best. The cherry on the sundae is her awesome office staff, nurse, and nurse practitioner. Scheduling is easy and they’re always very accommodating. A phenomenal group of women who care about women!!

Princess S.
First impression was great. I can’t wait to start this journey with you all.

Lei Ann B.
Dr Kaplan was very patient with answering ALL of my questions and made me feel confident she can address my health concerns.

Shawanda D.
Dr. Kaplan and her staff are amazing. I’m so glad I found her office. I highly recommend Dr. Kaplan and the staff.

Yessica C.
It was great

Heather H.
I’m very thankful I found Dr. Kaplan and her staff. They spent a lot of time talking with me asking me many questions, none of which my previous doctors have done. They explained things thoroughly, and didn’t rush through anything. They were so kind as well.

Rebecca S.
Dr. Kaplan and her staff are amazing!

Alejandro A.
Today was my first visit to Dr. Kaplan’s office. The entire staff, and Dr. Kaplan, were all very thorough and helpful.

Amanda J.
Dr. Caplan and her staff were very professional and pleasant. I felt comfortable right away. I didn’t have to wait long at all to be seen. And, while talking to Dr. Caplan and her nurse, I felt they were really listening and that they were interested in helping me. I would highly recommend Dr. Caplan and I intend to continue seeing her myself.

Kelly B.
BEST WOMENS HEALTH DOCTOR in the Atlanta area!! Twelve years ago she accurately diagnosed and treated my condition to preserve my reproductive health. I successfully had two easy pregnancies eight years later without assistance getting pregnant because Dr Kaplan actively listened to all of my concerns and helped me make great decisions. I was so fortunate to reconnect with her after so many years. I began to experience symptoms that were not life threatening, but negatively affecting my quality of life. Once again, Dr Kaplan listened and efficiently fixed my issues. She is knowledgeable, caring and goes the extra mile to be sure your health and quality of life are at their best. The cherry on the sundae is her awesome office staff, nurse, and nurse practitioner. Scheduling is easy and they’re always very accommodating. A phenomenal group of women who care about women!!

Stephanie W.
She has excellent bedside manner and she was very informative.

Tina T.
Excellent experience today!

Tobi L.
Dr. Kaplan is the all time best! She knows her stuff and she has great bed side manners.

Meghna P.
I have been seeing Dr. Kaplan for about 5-7 years to treat my PCOS, she’s great. I love that she takes time to listen and educate the patient throughly.

Mary M.
Ariel, the front desk help, is amazing. Her energy and hospitality is unmatched. She is also extremely knowledgeable and helpful even when there is no nurse or doctor available (by phone). The nurse staff was also very attentive and super knowledgeable. They made me feel very comfortable and cared for. Dr. Kaplan is the most patient doctor I have ever seen. She spent about 45 minutes with me and truly cared about my symptoms and diagnostic. She carefully reviewed blood work with me, talked about a plan of action, gave me several recommendations both holistic and medicinal, and a thorough ultrasound. I look forward to building a relationship with Dr. Kaplan and staff for the years to come! Thank you for taking your time with me.

Kayla N.
First off I want to say Dr. Kaplan is amazing. Her staff is extremely helpful and polite! I had been experiencing a lot of crazy symptoms over the past year and every other doctor I went to rushed me out without any answers. The difference between them and Dr. Kaplan is she actually spends time with you, asking questions and trying to understand. I felt good during the whole visit. I was a little skeptical at first, only because my past visits with other doctors weren’t so great but I am very pleased. I was also self pay and it was worth it. I feel at peace after my visit. It’s just good to know there are actual doctors out there that truly care and want to help people. Thank you so much Dr. Kaplan!

Morgan A.
I am very thankful for Dr. Kaplan and how she listens to me without judgment, educates without being condescending, and allows my voice to be heard while guiding my plan of care.

Raven S.
She answered every question

Yatecca L.
Personalized and through

Kelsey C.
Very good

Mary W.
Dr. Kaplan is really knowledgeable and she cared about my quality of life!

Elizabeth W.
Dr. Kaplan spent a great deal of time with me listening to my concerns and thoroughly vetting options for which I’m very grateful.

Christine W.
Dr. Kaplan spent so much time with me, knew my details before our first appointment and spent so much time listening to my concerns. Best experience I’ve had with a doctor.

Catherine B.
Great care!

Aquanette H.
Great bedside manner!!

Truc P.
The staff was helpful. Doctor Kaplan is knowledgeable and a good communicator. She will explain and work with you.

Brenda B.
Highly recommend Dr. Kaplan! She’s very patient and really takes her time to listen to your health issues and concerns. It’s more than just doing lab work and prescribing medication. Very happy with my visits.

Abigail J.
Dr. Kaplan is extremely thorough and spends a lot of time with her patients.

Jacqueline R.
lovely. informative. highly recommended.

Rory F.
Dr. Kaplan and all her staff are extremely kind, helpful, & supportive—I’m so happy I found her!

Archna P.
Dr. Kaplan is great as is her staff.

Jacquelyn S.
The staff was very patient with explaining the many questions I had being this was my very first time experiencing anything of the kind. As someone walking in very nervous and knowing very little about the process, I was very grateful for that.

Archna P.
I appreciate the time and dedication provided by Dr. Kaplan. Going through secondary infertility is a great struggle, but I can tell Dr. Kaplan is doing the best she can. She takes time to answer questions and she also does what she can to ease the stress of this whole process. I appreciate everything she is doing for me.

Joni L.
Dr. Kaplan was, as others have said, very attentive, an excellent listener and very thorough in her assessment of my reproductive health. I’m very happy to have found a doctor that doesn’t make me feel like I’m part of an assembly line of patients. Highly recommend!